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Filtre ve Yedek Parçalar
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40x40 RO Membrane Replacement

Price: $180/piece

Service Time: 60- 180 minutes

Our Expert Technician  will replace 1 membrane filter of the industrial RO system.

Our technician examines your Water Purifier, makes TDS measurements, records the data for the next maintenance program.


Filtration Installation Installation Speed

Price: $25/hour

Service Time: 45- 55 minutes

Our Expert Technician will assemble and install your industrial water treatment system.


It will commission the system by checking the water inlet, outlet and waste water lines and making the assembly and installation.​

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Water Softening Resin Exchange

Price: $7 /LT + Labor

Service Time: 15 - 60 minutes

Our Expert Technician will perform the resin replacement in your water softener tank.

Spare parts cost is not covered by the repair service fee. 

Same Day, Installation Fault Record, Repair, Maintenance Services Reservation

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